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For years I worked in the retail and wholesale appliance industry, and I watched appliance service companies disappoint time after time; so I decided to take action. With a combination of military discipline and the understanding of consumer needs, we provide the luxury service that luxury brands deserve. Check out the RENOVO CREED:

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My grandfather, Harvey Van Vreede, after serving in WWII, returned home to Kimberly, WI with his wife Lorraine and began his legacy. From humble beginnings of repairing electronics in his home and turning their living room into a showroom, in 1951 he began his venture into electronics and eventually appliance sales and service. In those days, customer service was not a word that was thrown around meaninglessly, it was a way of life in retail. You served your community with respect and compassion. In September of 2005, while I was serving my tour in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Harvey passed away, but he left with me a desire to continue to serve after getting out of the military.




I began my appliance journey as a child, being fully immersed in the family business from as far back as I can remember - I suppose you could say it is in my blood. From running around the warehouse playing hide and seek between the large brown boxes as tyke to later in high school and college delivering those boxes to customers. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, but quickly after beginning college, I realized my savings wouldn't last long. I was recruited by my older brother Mark to join the National Guard for the GI Bill and tuition reimbursement.

During my 9-year career in the Army National Guard I was privileged to have the opportunity to attend and graduate from Army Ranger School, the definitive leadership course in the U.S. armed forces. Not long after graduating, we received our orders to deploy to Kuwait for Operation Iraqi Freedom where we completed a successful combat tour in Iraq from 2005-06. I walked away from the military in 2008 to focus on my personal career.

I spent the next 12 years working my way up from part-time electronics sales to full-time appliance sales. I eventually moved back to my hometown in Greenville, WI to begin my career working for the family business. During that time, I progressed from sales to management where I worked tirelessly to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. I was directly involved with our service department, customer service, and the manufacturers to ensure the desired outcome. It was then that I found I had a passion for resolving customer issues.

In 2019 my family and I decided to uproot ourselves to move to a much more tolerable climate. My wife's father had been living in Tucson for several years and we absolutely fell in love with the area. I have always had an affinity for Arizona as my grandparents owned a condo in Lake Havasu City, but I never knew how amazing the Santa Catalina foothills and the Tucson desert was compared to the other parts of Arizona I had visited. We immediately knew this was the place for us to begin our new adventure.

Despite a long and successful career in the appliance retail and distribution, I still yearned to serve like I did in the military and honor the legacy of my grandfather. With the youth and vigor required to be in the military faded, I find the best way I can use my career experience to serve my community the best is to provide top-notch service and dedication for those in need. I've been repairing appliances almost as long as I've been selling them, and I finally figured it was time to take it to the next level. I look forward to the opportunity to serve you. 



Harvey Van Vreede

It is a living embodiment of a personal and organizational philosophy.
Credit: Keith Nightingale
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